Facebook Southwest Scam

This is a scam. When you see it on Facebook, ignore it.

I’m sure you’ve seen it in your Facebook feed by now – one of your friends is trying to win those two free tickets and posts on their wall encouraging you to do the same. This is a scam is about a year old (at least in this variation) and is completely unrelated to Southwest. I love Southwest, I’ve flown with them probably a dozen times even though they don’t fly in and out of Rochester, but they’re not giving away pairs of tickets via Facebook.

Should you fall for the scam, you’re going to wind up sharing your personal information with a bunch of scammers – who will then do whatever they please with it. While I have no tangible proof of a direct link to this and picking up viruses on your computer – I’ve certainly removed plenty of them from computers where the customer has no idea where they got them, but their Facebook feed shows they’ve “signed up” to win this promotion.

Care to learn more about how this works? Click here to read Graham Cluely’s post on the Sophos Security blog.