Why Small Businesses Need to use Social Media Infographic

7 reasons and a dozen stats about why a small business needs to use social media - Click to View Full Infographic

Last week we posted about how daily deal sites like Groupon work for small businesses and commented that they should be regarded as a marketing activity, not a sales activity. A day or so later I shared this with another small business owner here in Rochester. He immediately asked: “well I’m already using social media for online marketing, should I still use a daily deal site too?” My response? Yes, because social media isn’t a purely a marketing activity for small businesses, it’s also a customer relationship management activity.

Fast forward to this morning as I’m catching up on my reading – and I stumble across this infographic from MakeUseOf.com that says exactly that. Of the dozen or so stats pointed out in the seven reasons they give to participate in social media, there are three that I’ve pulled out that should really hit home with a business owner:

  • 80% of Businesses Are Not Passionate – When I’m talking to a new business owner about ROC IT Out one of the first things I tell them is that I know they have a passion for what they do, and that was probably a big factor in them starting their new business. They didn’t get into it to do “computer stuff” like build websites and fix computers – and that’s what I’m here for because that’s where my passion lies. Social media is a small businesses opportunity to put that passion for their business on display and immediately separate themselves from at least 80% of their competition!
  • 77% of Customers Read Brand Posts – Based on the previous stat about putting your passion on display, it would be logical to point out that posting on social media only matters if people are reading. True enough. Right here we see it, 77% of customers are reading your posts. That does’t meant that 77% of your customers read everything you post – but it does mean that when they’re at that critical moment where they’re deciding who to entrust their purchase too and doing online research, 77% will read what you post. Why would you pass up the opportunity to speak to better than three quarters of your perspective customers at the moment when they need to hear from you the most?
  • 67% More Leads To Businesses That Blog – If you’re blogging, you’re going to generate 55% more traffic, which will result in 67% more leads. That stat is so powerful that it needs no clarification. Blogging isn’t as time consuming or difficult as you think! When we sit down with someone for a free consultation of the things we share is how they can effectively blog in just five minutes a week. It’s really that simple.

In summary: social media isn’t as difficult as you think and your customers (and prospects) are out there listening. Don’t pass up the opportunity to talk to them!