FitGroove Fitness is an RBJ Best of the Web Finalist!

FitGroove Fitness is an RBJ Best of the Web Winner!

UPDATE – Winners Announced

On Friday March 3/14 the RBJ announced that did indeed WIN the Healthcare category and is officially Best of the Web. You can read the judges comments over at

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On Friday, the RBJ announced the finalists for the Best of the Web. One of the sites we produced for a client is among the finalists!

Back in the spring of 2012 David and Suzy from FitGroove Fitness approached us with a great concept, tons of great content (more on this later), and some sketches of what they thought the site might look like. FitGroove Fitness is an online entity, so execution of the website was critical. After some meetings, phone calls, texts, and coffee – the site was born. You can learn more about the site and its features on our portfolio page or by visiting How did this process lead to a site that’s a finalist for an award? Content, collaboration, and confidence.


No matter how well the site was built, it’s nothing without content. This is especially true here, where the content is the product! FitGroove Fitness has a ton of great content, delivered in various formats (videos, blog posts, recipes, etc). It’s all relevant, coherent, and frequently updated. They focused on delivering value first, understanding that revenue and users would come only if they got this part right. Months later, they remain dedicated and consistent in their content generation efforts.


Throughout the process, we remained in constant contact. We shared and discussed what we liked and what could be changed throughout the process. ROC IT Out involved them along the way, showing the site as it evolved. Without David and Suzy providing feedback, we wouldn’t have a best of the web finalist today. It was vital to not just take the project, disappear into a flurry of code, and return back what we thought they should have. The collaboration was a vital part of the project, and frankly, a lot of fun.


David and Suzy are the experts on their product, industry, and brand. They are rightly confident in this. However, one of the things that led to the success of this project is their confidence in us. They exhibited confidence from the start – letting us share and implement our expertise in technology to bring their website to life. Their confidence in their vision and our technical capabilities has been a significant factor in getting to this point.

It’s an honor to be a finalist for this award – especially when you consider the competition. One of the other two finalists in the Healthcare category is Bausch & Lomb’s new website. Without disclosing trade secrets, they were probably working with a different level financial budget than we were. Yet – other local experts measured the sites against the same criteria and agree that the two sites are of similar quality and deserving of recognition.

We’re proud of the work we do, and especially of FitGroove Fitness. Our thanks go to them for involving us in the project and to the RBJ for this recognition. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your project and achieve the same success!