The RBJ has selected a ROC IT Out project as Best of the Web

Back on February 3 we announced that had been selected as an RBJ Best of the Web award finalist – a nice honor in it’s own right. We were thrilled to learn yesterday that we had indeed won! We’re proud of the award and thankful to have been working with such a dedicated client.

We appreciate also the judges comments:

Uncluttered, easy to navigate and very helpful with regards to the content. Nice touch with the videos. The design and style aim to make a connection—a trusting connection. ~Eric Miltsch

The website was a perfect match for the company. It was clear, right on the home page, what the company was about. Each page was informative, useful and easy to navigate, especially the Recipes section. The videos were the main draw. All of them worked properly. They were imbedded well and had a solid production value. ~Troy Smith

The comments are a direct reflection of the critical elements explored in the original post about the award in February. The question is – will your site be the next award winner from  ROC IT Out? Get a hold of us today to find out!