Here is another in our continuing series of articles about what’s going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

In good news, massive companies are tapping local Rochester businesses to handle their major marketing projects. Not only has the Atlantic Hockey Association (AHA) announced on March 12th that they’ve agreed to a multi-year marketing partnership with the Xerox Corporation, but Kodak has also named a new CEO.

Xerox’s agreement with the AHA makes it an official Corporate Partner with the Association and its conference tournament that’s annually held in Rochester. Xerox will provide support to the tournament through various marketing, media, and community outreach programs.

Robert DeGregorio, Commissioner of the AHA, says that “We are delighted that Atlantic Hockey Sports Properties and Xerox have developed this outstanding partnership for the conference. Xerox is a great brand for the AHA to align with and more importantly a pillar in the Rochester community. We are proud to call them our partner.”

Kodak’s new CEO, Jeffery J. Clarke said that his top priority is to make Kodak a growing company once again.

“My marching orders are that Kodak is in a position now where its balance sheet, its legacy costs are behind it,” said Clarke on his first day as CEO. “I’ve been asked by the board to drive growth of the company. The mandate for the new CEO is growth.”

It’s a rather steep order, but possible if Kodak learns from its past mistakes. According to Forbes, the company’s problem was that it didn’t move into the world of digital photography nearly well enough, nor fast enough. Perhaps if the company embraced modernity and stayed ahead of the technological curve, it could get back on its feet in the current, Internet-saturated, business world, as online marketing is poised to overtake traditional marketing methods in terms of efficacy. This would mean a more vigorous approach to search engine optimization and social media, as Google uses social signals from sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to evaluate how to rank a site in their search engine result listings.

This surge of new business can only help Rochester’s economy continue to recover. Not only is there a multitude of redevelopment projects underway, such as the CityGate project that will bring millions into the city, but bankruptcy filings are also down according to figures reported by the Western District of New York Bankruptcy Court Clerk.

While the recession certainly hit the city hard, it’s now getting back up, and dusting itself off. These new marketing projects are only the beginning of the great things to come to Rochester in the future.