Here is another in our continuing series of things going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

The weather has gotten a little bit warmer in Rochester and the harshest winter temperatures seem to have subsided. However, residents haven’t had a chance to thaw out because the calendar turning to spring originally brought more snow and now cold rain. The rain has been so strong in fact that the Rochester Red Wing’s 2014 home opener, originally scheduled for Saturday, was postponed to Sunday.

Red_Wings_Logo.jpgLuckily, fans had the option of replacing the Opening Day tickets they bought for Saturday with tickets for Sunday or any other game during the regular season. The sun worked its way out and the weather was actually quite nice for early April in Upstate, NY.

The game turned out to be a great one, even though the Wings lost to Buffalo 8-6. Fans who had to trade their tickets were given some “free baseball” as the game crept all the way through 13 innings. Since moving into Frontier Field, the Wings are just 8-10 in opening day games and actually lost their first six.

One of Sunday’s highlights, in addition to the many great Instagram and Facebook pics of the sunny day at the park, was organist Fred Costello returning to the stadium. It is his 38th season with the team.

“I’m going to keep doing it until I get it right,” he said.

Unfortunately, baseball teams aren’t the only ones who have been slowed down by the wet spring. Though “slow starts have become the norm for the Red Wings,” as Jeff Madnelaro notes, spring’s slow arrival can be tough on homeowners. In fact, many homeowners and landscapers alike are behind on their spring projects because the ground is too cold and wet to do much work.

Many Rochesterians might have even been stopped from doing work on their deck or shed because the wood can suffer during this kind of weather. It has a tendency to expand or contract, depending on the weather, so unless homeowners have lighter, softer woods, upgrades and repairs might not even be possible yet.

Warm weather is in the forecast, and though there are always cold days in April in the area, spring should be fully present in Rochester shortly. Hopefully, the sun will dry out both backyards and the infield dirt, preventing work boots and baseball spikes from getting bogged down.