Here is another in our continuing series of articles about things going on around Rochester.

A 58 year old man nearly died on the job when he went into cardiac arrest on Monday, June 16. “Steve Hamlin doesn’t remember having a heart attack on the job at Sydor Optics in Chili but it was all captured on video cameras in the ceiling of the plant,” 13 WHAM reports.

In the video, his coworkers heroically rush to Hamlin’s side after he falls from his chair. The employees proceed to give Hamlin CPR, and then use a defibrillator to help resuscitate him. His coworkers admit it was their first time using a defibrillator. In the short span of time and relatively at the same time, Sydor Optics employees called 911. A 911 operator instructed them to take the steps they had already completed. “By the time the ambulance arrived, Hamlin was alert and breathing,” 13 WHAM continues.

Shortly after the incident, Hamlin was admitted to the hospital, where he underwent surgery. Jim Sydor, owner of Sydor Optics, credits his current employees and one retired worker for saving Hamlin’s life. According to Sydor, an employee — now retired — convinced him to purchase the defibrillator many years ago. Without proper actions taken by his coworkers, Hamlin may not have survived. If he had, he may have been eligible for workers’ compensation, a type of insurance for workers injured or harmed at work. Workers’ compensation may provide compensation for medical bills and/or lost wages, depending on the circumstances.