Here is another in our continuing series of articles about things going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

Ithaca firm Incodema 3D has been given the honor, along with 11 other new businesses, of being the first participants is StartUp NY. All 12 businesses were selected to be part of the new initiative, which allows the businesses to grow in tax-free zones and be sponsored by important leaders in the NYS education system, such as Cornell University, University at Buffalo, and Rochester Institute of Technology. The 12 StartUps have been announced with overwhelming support and optimism; together, it is projected that these businesses will bring an estimated $50 million into the state’s economy and create around 400 new jobs. 
Incodema 3D, which is being sponsored by Cornell University, will be contributing to the StartUp initiative by using 3D printing technology to produce high-quality metal and plastic components. The firm, which was developed at Cornell University, has been expanding, conducting research, and manufacturing products for some time before the StartUp NY announcement was made. Three different companies are incorporated in Incodema 3D: Incodema Inc. in Ithaca, Newcut Inc. in Newark, and Engineering Manufacturing Technologies in Endicott.

Incodema 3D is an excellent example of a business that has taken advantage of new technology while creating jobs and keeping profit within the community. 3D printing has garnered a series of mixed reviews, ranging from enthusiastic supporters to terrified critics, but there appears to be no reason to fear this new technology as long as it remains safely regulated. Rather than running from a newer technology because of potential risks, Incodema 3D is embracing 3D printing and its ability to produce highly-customized products for a variety of clients. Not only do communities need more businesses who are focusing on future success rather than current fads, but entire industries, such as the mobile industry, need to find new manufacturers who can produce custom components at affordable costs.