Here is another in our continuing series of things going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

The Rochester “People’s Climate Coalition” organized a trip for 200 people to join some 400,000 others at New York City’s historic “Peoples’s Climate March” on September 21st.

According to Sue Smith, a member of the organization, “Locally we want to raise awareness about the concern our community feels about climate change, and the speed with which organizations have come together and the number of people who are going down to the march speaks to the concern that does exist here in Rochester addressing climate change.”

The demonstration was scheduled purposefully to coincide with a UN Climate Change Summit, which was a prelude to the UN’s attempts to reach a binding Global Treaty on carbon emission limits in Paris in 2015. The idea of the march was to raise as much awareness as possible leading up to the event, which, according to the People’s Climate March’s website, many believe is “humanity’s very last chance to effectively address the issue.”

The march also happened just a day before Governor Cuomo’s “Climate Week,” which was an attempt to encourage New Yorkers to think about climate change’s challenges, while also highlighting the progress New York State is making in preparing for the new reality of extreme weather.

For anyone who missed out on the demonstration, but would still like to take action, there are a number of things that can be done at home to reduce energy usage. Taking shorter showers, and turning the sink off when brushing teeth can help reduce water waste. Cleaning and maintaining the HVAC system will also allow it to work more efficiently, use less energy, and could extend its lifespan to as long as 15 years. Turning off the lights when exiting a room is also about as important as it is easy.

Taking such steps can not only help reduce a home’s environmental impact, but can also allow a household to trim their energy bills down to size, and help its HVAC system to last as long as 15 years.

Though the situation may seem dire, little steps like these, and big steps like the People’s Climate March, can all help work towards a greener tomorrow.