Here is another in our series of articles about things going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

The first-ever East End Fitness Festival, which kicked off on September 13, in Rochester, New York, was a reported success. According to the website, it was “an all day event filled with activities in a celebration of Rochester fitness, lifestyle and culture.”

Organizer John Hutchings had had the idea for the festival for several years, and at last got to see a morning filled with “spirited athletic competitions, interactive exercise demonstrations and a huge ‘Fitness Village’ with fitness-related businesses of all kinds, from Chiropractors to Roller Derby,” said the site.

In the afternoon, the festival featured all “the staples that the East End Festival is known for …a huge stage with live bands, food trucks and ice cold draft beer!” The food trucks were likely able to attend thanks to mobile POS systems, which allowed them to easilykeep track of daily sales reports and let customers use their debit or credit cards. Each attending food truck offered healthy food to hungry attendees.

“We were really excited to come down because it’s the camaraderie of seeing what everybody else is doing,” said Kimberly Whitcomb, a personal trainer with Penfield Sport and Fitness. “Coming together and seeing that we’re all trying to live a nice healthy life; it’s nice having everybody on the same page.”

Organizers charged three dollars at the door, and donated all the proceeds to the Roland Williams Champion Academy, which is a program in the City of Rochester that’s aimed at helping young men make positive choices and decisions in their lives.

Kicking off at 9 a.m. and running until 10 at night, the East End fitness festival was a smashing success. Its organizers are hoping that they’ll be able to make the festival into an annual event.