Here is another article about things going on around Rochester.

Rochester’s appetite for custom kitchen and bath remodeling is keeping up with national trends in high-end renovation and cabinet installation.

“We always want to make sure we have the newest things,” says Ross Pino, who runs Concept II, a kitchen and bath “design studio” started by his father, Gary.

Ross told the Democrat and Chronicle that his father even visits Italy and New York City several times each year to research the latest product lines.

Keeping Up With Demand

Pino says the most fashionable look for kitchen cabinets currently is white or off-white paint. Dark woods, such as cherry, have seen a drop in popularity.

Rochesterians often come to Concept II having seen something on HGTV that they want replicated in their homes, Pino says. “They watch and they get excited,” he told the DandC. “People in life have their family, their car and their house. They want to make it a home.”

While the business works steadily year-round, there’s an increase in demand in February and March. “A lot of times we see the rush just before spring,” Pino says.

“Maybe that’s because,” the DandC speculates, “people have been cooped up so long during a Rochester winter.”

National Trends in Cabinetry

It’s not just Rochester that has a taste for high-end cabinetry.

ReportBuyer estimates that demand for cabinets will increase 6.6% each year between now and 2018, making it a $16 billion industry at that time. The forecast is made based on a rebounding home construction industry, as well as the rising home values and favorable lending rates that encourage remodeling, Consumer Electronics Net reported Oct. 29.

The biggest segment of the industry will be kitchen cabinets, which accounted for 81% of installs last year. “Gains will be spurred by design trends that call for homes to have larger kitchens with such features as islands and breakfast bars,” according to the report.

Large, luxurious homes in Rochester used to be centrally located on East Avenue, and Pino’s father got his start refurbishing many of the East Ave mansions. But high-end custom homes are now expanding in surrounding towns, with Webster being a current hotspot of building activity.

According to the national report, cabinets are likely to be on the high-end side, such as custom built-ins made for a specific space, rather than more standard free-standing cabinets. These custom cabinets are also likely to include integrated lighting, pull-out racks and easy-open doors.

“Not only will homeowners install more cabinets, but these cabinets will often feature value-added amenities that enhance convenience,” the report reads.