Here is another article about things going on around Rochester.

The dog that attacked a Rochester area man and woman has been surrendered and will be put down. 13 WHAM News reports that Debby Nakas and her brother Don Dart were pet sitting for a five-year-old pit bull named Chance when it attacked Dart while he was sleeping.

The attack occurred Saturday, November 15th, when Dart was awoken by the dog’s growling. Dart suffered bite wounds to his face and abdomen and received 56 stitches to reattach his bottom lip and to repair wounds on his left cheek and in his stomach. It is estimated that about 50% of Americans will suffer a bite wound at least once in their lives.

“He latched on and then shook his head like crazy. I couldn’t get him off of me, I was screaming for help,” Dart told 13 WHAM News.

Nakas came to her brother’s aid, but the dog latched onto her arm, where she later received 16 stitches. Dart used the first weapon within his reach, which was a guitar. He hit the dog twice, hard enough to break the instrument in half. The dog let go and left the room calmly.

“It was probably the most terrifying thing ever, it was a nightmare,” Nakas said.

Police are investigating the dog’s history to learn whether or not there were previous attacks, but the dog has been surrendered by its owner and will be put down after the 10-day rabies waiting period.

“I want the dog to be put down, he has to be put down,” Nakas added. “But it was a pet and you know how you love your pet.”

Both Nakas and Dart knew and loved the dog before the incident.