Here is another article in our series about things going on around Rochester.

As if Buffalo, NY hasn’t already experienced enough lake-effect wrath of Mother Nature, Governor Andrew Cuomo is now outlining emergency plans for Buffalo residents as the temperature rises and the seven feet of snow currently covering the city begins to melt. It took days for the city to get its snowplows and garbage trucks back on the streets — something that residents of Western NY rarely experience, living in a region that doesn’t believe in “shutting down” for any amount of inclement winter weather.

Hundreds of volunteers from the areas around Buffalo have been helping with snow removal — teams of volunteers from Rochester and Syracuse have already pitched in, and the Wall Street Journal notes that the New York City Fire Department has also been helping out. It will be impossible to remove all of the snow, however.

But a rise in temperatures, compounded with predicted wind and rain storms, makes the possibility of flooding even more dangerous.

The snowstorm has already claimed at least a dozen lives in Buffalo, and it’s impossible at this point to even estimate how many millions of dollars will be funneled toward building repairs after the 2014 “Snovember.”

In just one quarter of 2013, Americans spent about $134 billion on home improvements and repairs — and with countless Buffalonians already stating the seven-foot snowfall has been too much for roofs and windows to withstand, a major flood could very well cause widespread destruction across residential areas of the city.

Not to be deterred, city residents are formulating evacuation plans, but they aren’t ready to let Mother Nature win just yet. The WSJ notes that “stories of heroism, luck, and community spirit began to emerge” once the driving ban was lifted, and the beloved Rochester-based Wegmans grocery chain reportedly sent busloads of employees over to Buffalo to help re-open and manage stores until the city gets back on its feet.

Newsweek even notes Buffalo residents have responded by working with aid workers to clear up the city, but that “a regular sight has been people pulling beer in their sleds and carrying pizza boxes from a local pizzeria that had just reopened.”

The imminent flooding may send Buffalo into another weather frenzy — but if past reactions are any indication, it’s likely that Buffalonians will make sure to get out their water skis and kayaks before worrying about something they can’t control.