Here is another article in our series about things going on around Rochester.

The risk of road accidents never quite disappears in the Rochester area, with more bicycles sharing the road with larger vehicles over the summer to cut down on fuel costs. While bicyclists are the ones most at risk during the summer season — they face a higher risk of injuries and deaths than drivers, even though bikes account for only 1% of trips on the road in the U.S. — drivers of all vehicle types face the unavoidable threat of icy roads and low visibility that come with a Rochester winter.

The accident reports are already piling up as the city faces its first major snowstorm of the season. A winter storm advisory was announced yesterday for the Rochester area, including Monroe, Wayne, Livingston, Orleans and Wyoming counties, while a winter storm warning was issued for the Southern Tier.

Up to a foot of snow is expected in some areas in the western region, with eight to 10 inches expected to accumulate in Rochester over the next two days. The Southern Tier could see up to 16 inches of snow, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

While travel is likely to be disrupted by the nor’easter pummeling the region, it’s nothing New York residents aren’t used to. Sudden snowstorms are familiar territory, and as such, being prepared for worsening conditions is a necessity.

“I have directed state agencies to ready their resources so we can fight this storm as quickly and efficiently as possible,” said Governor Cuomo, according to the Democrat and Chronicle. “However, travel may be disrupted during the storm, and I urge people to use caution and plan ahead to stay safe.”

The New York Department of Transportation plays a big role in fighting major snowstorms in Upstate and western New York, and they have over 1,000 snow plows and over 3,000 operators at the ready for the current storm, not to mention 400,000 tons of salt for the roads.

As the snow continues to fall over the city, drivers are reminded to be cautious on the roads and to expect delays. The winter storm advisory remains in effect for the area through Thursday evening.