Here is another article in our continuing series about things going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

On Jan. 18, PepsiCo will take over Rochester as part of their “Hype Your Hometown” sweepstakes.

The soda manufacturer will host a pop-up concert at the corner of East and Chestnut featuring Nico and Vinz, a pop duo best known for their song “Am I Wrong?” On top of that, a select group of Rochestarians will win tickets to Katy Perry’s Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.

A spokeswoman for Pepsi added that Pepsi will also take over the city with several surprises for residents because the company deemed Rochester the “most hyped hometown in America”

Typically, sweepstakes are games of chance and include random drawings, scratch and win cards and online instant win games. The Pepsi Hype Your Hometown contest worked a little differently. During the sweepstakes period from Nov. 26 to Dec. 27, participants from across the U.S. submitted photos and videos depicting their excitement for the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.

Each entrant was permitted to submit five photos or videos a day until the sweepstakes period was over. Entries were judged based on creativity and originality, total hometown participation, public voting, and embodiment of the “Hyped for Halftime” message. An impressive 509 entries were submitted from Rochester.

According to Pepsi, Rochester won by a long shot, largely due to the massive number of submissions. Submissions from Rochester included photos of people partying, posing with bottles of Pepsi, and even painting their pet’s faces and dressing up like Katy Perry.

Pepsi hosted a similar event last year, bringing a surprise Lee Brice concert to Milligan, NE. Almost 5,000 people attended the concert in the village’s tiny main street, and the village was reimbursed in full for the cost of the concert.

People who want to go to the concert in Rochester should probably show up well before the 6 p.m. start time to get a good spot, if the Milligan event is anything to go by. Even if a few Rochestarians end up on the outside, there’s still a good chance they’ll run into another Pepsi-related surprise elsewhere in the city.