Here is another article in our series of things going on around Rochester.

Each year, post-winter potholes are a nuisance for every Rochester driver. After this year’s historic winter, the roads are lined with historic potholes. And they’re responsible for more than just a rough ride — driving over these potholes can wreak havoc on one’s tires, causing damage that costs hundreds of dollars to repair.

According to a March 14 Time Warner Cable News article, Carlos Alverio of Rochester is facing an $800 repair to fix his car’s blown-out tire and its bent rim, both direct results of hitting a pothole on Winton Road.

Alverio, believing the city should pay to repair the damage its roads caused, attempted to file a claim with the city’s legal department — but it was ultimately rejected.

When a car’s tire is blown out after hitting a pothole, the driver needs to pay for more than just a new tire — it’s also necessary to get a tire rotation, a procedure normally required only once every 6,000 miles or so. Additionally, a vehicle’s suspension and alignment can be devastated by just one pothole.

“It has been a very harsh winter, which has presented some challenges,” Jessica Alaimo, a press officer for the City of Rochester, told Time Warner Cable News.

When it comes to fixing the potholes themselves, city workers can apply a cold patch to the road — a temporary fix to the problem to last until it’s warm enough to completely repair the road.

But even funding for this solution to the problem is scarce for municipalities, and highway departments across Upstate New York are struggling to get more state funding.

“It would be nice if there would be some kind of legislation to come forth to give money for this extraordinary winter,” Congresswoman Louise Slaughter said. “But it’s going to be very difficult to get.”

Currently, highway departments from across the state are appealing to Albany for $200 million more in operational and maintenance costs. According to WROC 8, Gov. Andrew Cuomo would have the final say on whether this money would be dispersed.

To report a pothole on a Rochester city road, you can call 311. City crews should be there within 48 hours to fix it.