Here is another n our continuing series of articles about things going on around Rochester.

After an unprecedented cold and long winter, homeowners in the Rochester area are still dealing with the repercussions.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that the last six months of weather, with its record-breaking snow and temperatures, has damaged many homes throughout the region. From pipe leaks and small flooding to mold and roof damage, many homeowners are emerging from winter having to deal with an onslaught of damage.

“We had such a harsh winter with roof issues and gutters coming off,” said Rick Herman, CEO of the Rochester Home Builders’ Association. Local contractors are working around the clock to repair the damages; many of the businesses are backlogged and do not have enough employees to handle the repairs promptly.

“We’re looking at a labor shortage,” he said.

Carmen Santora, the executive director of Better Contractors Bureau, says her office is inundated with phone calls from homeowners seeking repairs.

“This is the busiest I have seen in the 20 years I’ve been here,” Santora said.

Local contractors have had to repair water and ice-related damage, much of which was due to the fact that the frequent snow and ice clogged up many gutters and pipes. When the snow began to melt, the water tended to seep into homes, causing drywall damage, ceiling collapses, broken and clogged pipes, and damage to the roof.

Ron Papa, the president of the National Fire Adjustment Co., says that contractors have also seen more ice-related damage such as falling icicles and burst pipes.

“This is the worst I’ve seen in 40 years,” Papa said.

Pipe experts note that sewage and drainage pipes more than 40 years old should be examined. The winter caused many pipes to freeze, causing backup, rust, and event bursting.

Pam Hess, a Penfield resident, has to repair damage like this for the home she owns but rents out to her daughter and son-in-law. As the snow melted, the house underwent severe ceiling and window damage and soaked its insulation materials. The repairs will cost approximately $7,000.

“The damage was more than I expected,” she said.