Here is another in our continuing series of things going on around Rochester.

A recent survey found that small business owners in Rochester are feeling “upbeat,” and there’s probably good reason for it. The city was also ranked among the “Best Cities to Start a Business in 2015.”

According to the Rochester Business Journal, hiring plans for small businesses may be down, but spirits are up. The 2015 American Express Open Small Business Monitor surveyed and reported on small businesses nationwide.

The report says that 68% of small business owners in New York have a positive view of the economy, and 82% of them plan to grow their business this year.

Part of this is likely due to the positive small business climate in Rochester. The Flower City has also ranked among WalletHub’s 2015 Best Cities to Start a Small Business — acquiring the 29th spot nationally and the number one spot in the state.

The WalletHub survey analyzed 13 different metrics — including five-year survival rate, the educational attainment of the local labor force, and the affordability of office space — to compile the list and rank the cities.

The 2015 American Express Open Small Business Monitor also found that most small businesses in New York — 60% of them — use social media to market their business, which is a growing part of many business’s marketing plans. In just two years, the number of marketers who say that Facebook is “important” or “critical” to their business has increased by 83%.

According to Tech Crunch, by the end of April 2015 there were over 40 million small business pages on Facebook, which the social media giant has responded to with new program offerings, like adding one-on-one chat support and live support for advertisers who need help.

Facebook’s director of small business for North America, Jonathan Czaja, says that a Facebook page is still beneficial for small businesses, even if they choose not to advertise.

“Creating a presence on Facebook…is a powerful asset in its own right,” he said.