Here is another post about things going on around Rochester.

An up-and-coming digital marketing company in Virginia just announced that two of their employees, Savani Tatake and Allison Carnwath, were named included in a list of “Power Women Programmers” by DCFemTech, an advocacy group that focuses on women in the technology industry. Though both live in the Washington D.C. region, Carnwath hails from Rochester, New York.

Blackbird PR News reports that that Siteworx, LLC, a digital marketing and design agency in Reston, Virginia, announced on May 4th that Tatake and Carnwath were named to the list. DCFemTech acknowledged 30 women engineers and programmers at an awards ceremony on May 3rd.

The women were chosen from 79 applications reviewed by a committee composed of 12 leading women in the technology industry. The group praised the women for accomplishments in their respective fields and companies, as well as their advancement of women’s issues in an industry accused by some of having unfair hiring and treatment policies for women.

“This awards program was conceptualized to focus exclusively on the DC region’s women engineers and programmers — as opposed to awards that recognize women working in non-technical roles at technology companies,” said Shana Glenzer, co-organizer of DCFemTech and vice president of social marketing at software company SocialRadar. “We are excited to celebrate these accomplished women who are making significant contributions to their organizations and who are unsung heroes in our ecosystem.”

Tatake, Siteworx’s technical director since February, has been instrumental in the company with her technical abilities and software development acumen. She helped create a mobile app for one of the biggest non-profit organizations in the country, featuring advanced customization options and an easy-to-use interface. With over 10 years of software experience, she is a graduate of the University of Pune in Pune, India.

Carnwath, the company’s senior software developer, has been with Siteworx for three years. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, Carnwath joined the company soon after graduation. Responsible for portal design and web development, she has worked for some of Siteworx’s most important clients.

“Savani and Allison have made tremendous contributions for our clients, and this recognition is well-deserved,” said Tim McLaughlin, Siteworx’s CEO and founder. “More than 30% of our employees are women. I believe awards like this one will inspire more great work and encourage more women to pursue technical careers. Selfishly, we’d of course like more of them to come to work at Siteworx.”

Companies like Siteworx specialize (among other things) in digital marketing. One marketing technique, search engine optimization, has become popular in recent years due to Internet users’ increasing reliance on search engines. A study by OutBrain, for example, found that search engines such as Google and Bing are the primary driver of Internet traffic to content websites.