Here is another article about things going on around Rochester.

Several retail stores and businesses in the greater Rochester area have recently gone through extensive renovations, moves, and other changes, bringing fresh services and products to the city.

The Democrat and Chronicle reports that a number of shops, cafes, hotels, and other businesses have made changes to better reflect the demands of the consumers in Rochester. Some business owners have even opened non-profit organizations to benefit the community.

For example, Alyssa Whitfield, a local fashionista with an extensive history in Rochester, has just opened a not-for-profit organization called Dress for Success at 47 State Street downtown. The organization aids women from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing professional clothing and career development tools. It specifically caters to women who have suffered from domestic abuse, poverty, and homelessness; 70% of women referred to Dress for Success are single mothers. The organization accepts clothing donations and other means of support.

Outside of non-profits, Rochester has plenty of new and improved businesses opening in the area. Custom jewelry store Jewelry Clinic, for example, has moved into a new venue at the Powers Building at 16 West Main Street. Owner Bob Colombo makes custom jewelry and offers repairs. The Daily Grind in the Crossroads building at Four Corners sells coffee and other caffeinated (and decaf) drinks for downtown dwellers.

College Town on Mount Hope Avenue, close to the University of Rochester, is also bringing new services to the city. The Creator’s Hands, Corner Bakery Cafe, and Insomnia Cookies are sure to attract college students and city residents alike — along with the many other new stores in the area.

In addition to shops, local hotels are also revamping their businesses. The Residence Inn West, for example, has undergone extensive changes. Located within minutes of the Greater Rochester International Airport, the inn features a re-designed lobby, full-sized kitchens, floor refurbishing, and updates to its 90 guest rooms.

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