Here is another article in our continuing series about things going on around Rochester.

The man who admitted to scamming dozens of Monroe County residents by accepting money for snow plow services he never actually provided was sentenced to six months in Erie County Jail for other charges he received there.

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, Scott Romero, 39, faced criminal contempt charges filed in January by the State Attorney General’s Office. The charges stemmed from a 2011 lawsuit in which the attorney general’s office ordered Romero to pay $50,000 in restitution to his Buffalo-area victims and to put up a $150,000 bond before being able to accept advance payments from future customers.

Romero violated the attorney general’s court order throughout 2013 and 2014 by scamming residents throughout the Rochester area. In an April court hearing, he admitted to taking $42,461.98 from 218 Monroe County residents for snowplow services he failed to provide.

For the victims in both cities, Romero would sign contracts with residents under the name “Andy Stewart,” promising to provide snow plowing services and then never delivering on those promises. He would also advertise these services under the business name of “Met Construction Residential Snow Plow Service,” accepting money from people while never providing the services.

Throughout some of the harshest months of the Rochester winter — especially February, when customers’ own snow maintenance equipment has been put under heavy stress and needs repairs — finding that they’ve been scammed out of a snow plow service is likely the last thing Monroe County’s residents wanted to hear.

Romero, who has been at the Erie County Jail since December, will remain there until August 11, when his next court hearing is scheduled. It’s expected that Romero will receive a further sentence for one to three years in state prison, as well as full monetary restitution to his hundreds of victims. The sentence is also expected to include a recommendation for shock incarceration, a six-month boot camp program for prisoners.