Here is another article in our series of things going on around Rochester.

A Chili worker was killed in a collision between his car and an Amtrak train early on the morning of Monday, June 1, officials have confirmed.

The driver, a 20-something male whose name has not yet been released because the family has not been notified, was driving east on King Road west of 490 and went around the crossing gates on the train tracks, despite their being down with cautionary lights active.

“Unfortunately this is a tragedy that shouldn’t have occurred. You have to respect the crossing gates,” Captain David Inzana, of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, told the Democrat and Chronicle.

The accident occurred just before 6 a.m., and it is thought that the driver was heading to work when he was struck by the train. The train hit the rear of the car, spinning it around and causing it to somersault at least once. The back seats of the car, its undercarriage, one of the crossing gates and one crossing signal were all destroyed. The driver was thrown from the car and died at the scene.

Several Chili firefighters apparently recognized him.

The train, Amtrak’s 280, was carrying 21 passengers and four crew members from Niagara Falls on its way to New York City’s Penn Station; no one on board was hurt.

The investigation is ongoing. Over 37,000 people die in the U.S. each year due to road crashes, but fatalities in collisions involving trains and passenger cars are relatively rare — there were fewer than 300 last year, according to preliminary federal data.

This isn’t the first train-related tragedy to strike the Rochester area in recent months; in late March, a Brighton man, Garrett Magee, was struck and killed by an Amtrak train near an unofficial pedestrian crossing.

Magee, 23, was apparently wearing headphones and walking with his back to the train, and therefore never heard or saw it coming.