Here is another article in our continuing series of things going on around Rochester.

Rochester finally has its own Costco! The wholesale warehouse store has opened its first Western New York location as part of the $177 million CityGate project. It is located off of Westfall Road on the border of Rochester and Brighton.

Costco is a membership warehouse. With 156,000 square feet of products, it’s difficult to imagine what one can’t find in this store. They provide electronics, clothing, household items, and even fresh and packaged foods. In addition, Costco has its own gas station. The annual membership for Costco starts at $55.

The store’s opening may come as an uplifting announcement to the local Rochester area, which has seen the loss of several big name stores over the past several years, including The Bon-Ton, multiple VOA stores, Sears, and multiple Tops Pharmacies. Hopefully more businesses will continue to see the advantage of operating in a small city with a low cost of living. Though the city’s population dropped by thousands over the course of the 90s, 2010 leveled off, with the population gradually rebounding since.

Buying in bulk at warehouse stores can be a huge help for large families looking to do their shopping on a tight budget. Buying snacks for the kids, or new school clothing is consistently cheaper this way. For those who work in an office, it’s possible to find cheap organizational items to keep desks free of clutter, which 8 out of 10 people believe can hamper productivity.

Buying in bulk has become increasingly popular in recent years — not surprisingly, the economic Recession forced families to look for new ways to cut monthly budgets. It’s been proven that people can spend up to 89% less on groceries if they consistently buy bulk.

The CityGate project, which aims to revitalize the area and bring new jobs to Rochester, spans 45 acres along the Erie Canal, with Costco being its anchor store. In the coming years, it will add a hotel, other retailers and apartments — all of which will be overlooking the canal.