Here is another article about things going on around Rochester.

On any given holiday weekend, police are out in full force across the country, not only to ensure that traffic laws are being followed, but to make sure that everyone is safe. That means handing out tickets and arresting those who put anyone in danger, and this past Fourth of July weekend was no different.

Police cracked down in a big way on driving while intoxicated or distracted, as well as on speeding. In fact, police in New York State alone issued over 10,000 tickets; 10,759 to be exact. From that number, it can further be broken down: 4,523 tickets were for speeding, 621 for child restraint and seatbelt violations, 186 for failing to move over for an emergency vehicle, and 310 for distracted driving.

Also during the holiday weekend, 198 people were arrested for drunk driving, with 17 of those being arrested at sobriety checkpoints. Crashes increased from 661 to 722, killing two people and injuring 198.

The holiday weekend shows a dangerous trend that we see throughout the year, but that is highlighted during holidays. In 2013, there were 35,244 fatal crashes. Many of those were completely preventable had the person not been drunk or distracted.

Two crashes in Rochester this weekend were prime examples of this issue. An Avon man was arrested on DWI charges as well as felony aggravated unlicensed operation after a rollover crash in Geneseo Saturday. The 32-year-old man, Matthew Higgins, was driving on Nations Road with a revoked license. He lost control of his car and it rolled over, and when police arrived, he refused a breath or sobriety test. He was arraigned in the York Town Court and remains in the Livingston County Jail on $1,000 cash or $2,000 bond. He will reappear in court again at a later time.

Friday night also turned scary for two teenagers who were airlifted to the hospital in Batavia. This comes after 17-year-old Brandon Faucett was driving on Lover’s Lane and lost control while braking aggressively. He is currently awaiting charges. None of the injuries were life-threatening, but it is a good lesson for other teens to be cautious while driving.

The holiday weekend paints a scary picture of the reality of distracted driving. Many crashes would never happen if the driver was sober and paying apt attention to the road. Police hope that people will see these statistics and be safer on their next holiday.