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As the result of an alarming increase in the state’s deer population, New York conservation officials have issued new regional hunting regulations. With these new laws, some areas are allowed a higher take of antlerless deer to reverse some of the recent overpopulation concerns.

According to WIVB News in Albany, hunting antlerless deer is now valid in the first 15 days of bow hunting season, as well the entirety of the late bow and muzzleloader seasons. Hunters are rejoicing at the leniency being given to them by the state, which has been known to have stricter regulations than some other areas.

Sept. 1 marks the first day of this year’s fall hunting season, so the updated regulations come at the perfect time for hunters who are excited to get back into the sport after a long summer layoff.

The Watertown Daily Times is reporting other new regulations regarding the hunting of small game, specifically turkeys, which have seen sharp decreases in their population since the turn of the century. These stricter limits allow for a season bag limit of only one bird of each sex, down from the old limit of two per sex.

For those who hunt small game on their own farm properties, these regulations don’t mean much. The average U.S. farm is about 450 acres, and owning one of these big farms gives you the right to hunt as many small game animals as you’d like.

However, for those who aren’t fortunate enough to own spacious properties to hunt on, the increase in antlerless deer limits gives them something to look forward to as the hunting season approaches.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation, deer overpopulation hurts forest regrowth and increases tick-borne diseases.