Here is another article about things going on around Rochester.

Rochester’s senior citizen population will soon receive assistance with finding healthy foods and nutritional guidance, as part of a new program spearheaded by Mayor Lovely Warren.

Beginning this month, the city, in collaboration with Lifespan, the Monroe County Office of Aging, Foodlink and Legal Assistance of Western New York, will be passing out pamphlets on healthy living to seniors. These pamphlets will be available in both English and Spanish, the Democrat and Chronicle reported.

As we grow older, our ability to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen declines. A mere 22% of seniors get regular physical exercise, for example.

For Rochester’s senior population, this problem is particularly acute. About half of the 20,000 people aged 60 and older currently served by Foodlink have said they frequently have to choose between purchasing food and being able to afford their utilities, medicine, housing costs or transportation expenses, Mayor Warren’s news release said.

However, the benefits of eating healthy are especially important for seniors. People aged 50 and older who eat well regularly report having a more positive outlook, staying emotionally balanced and feeling healthier overall. Improved nutrition in seniors has also been linked to improved brain function and longer lifespans.

Many Rochester seniors in need of food assistance services may not be aware of their eligibility for such services, the Democrat and Chronicle reported. For example, the city’s Lunch Club 60 program provides healthy, nutritious lunches to people aged 60 and older for just $3 per meal. To qualify for this program, seniors must earn less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Rate, which is currently $17,695 for single-family households. Additionally, the Bon Appetit at Home program delivers healthy lunches directly to low-income seniors who are unable to prepare their own meals due to illness or frailness.

Seniors in need of nutritional guidance can call 211; the healthy eating pamphlets will be distributed at senior center locations throughout the city.