Any foodie knows that enjoying what you eat can be an expensive habit. But for foodies in Rochester, recent surveys suggest that the local foodies can truly have it all.

In a study conducted by WalletHub, Rochester ranked as the ninth best foodie city for people on a budget.

For the survey, the group ranked the 150 most populated cities in the United States, comparing their affordability for fellow foodies. This means for the affordability of both restaurant menu items and grocery items.

WalletHub spokesperson Jill Gonzalez told WXXI News that Rochester ranks highly as far as the amount of grocery stores and restaurants in the city on a per capita basis.

“Not only being a good foodie city and having a lot of diversity, accessibility, and high-quality foods and restaurants and ranks but we also looked at the affordability rank here,” Gonzalez said. “So really the best foodie cities for people on a budget, and that’s a lot harder to come by.”

And when it came to ice cream, WalletHub ranked Rochester even higher, coming in at number four in the country for the number of ice cream and yogurt shops per capita in the country.

Considering the smattering of decadent, creamy delights available in Rochester, from Hedonist’s decadent artisanal offerings to the classic flavor profiles at Ice Cream World, there are plenty of ways for city residents to enjoy the treat that’s eaten in more than 90% of households across the country. (And that’s not even including the famous Abbott’s frozen custard!)

Healthy foods matter, too, though, according to the survey’s results. With affordable grocery options such as Rochester’s famous year-round public market and Foodlink’s free mobile food pantry, there are a number of ways to receive healthy, fresh produce at affordable prices.

Rochester wasn’t the only city in Western New York to rank well in WalletHub’s survey. In fact, Buffalo did well, coming in at number 15 on the list of affordable foodie cities.