Here is another article about things going on around Rochester. Enjoy!

The 29th annual Rochester Top 100 luncheon took place this week at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. The annual event highlights the 100 fastest-growing, privately-held companies in the nine-county region. It was also an opportunity to celebrate success after some long, hard years.

Like Detroit, Las Vegas, and countless other cities around the country, the Rochester area was hit hard by the Great Recession. And even though the country has recovered steadily over the past few years, that recovery can fairly be described as lackluster at best. On average, recruiters are still receiving 144 resumes for entry level jobs and 89 for professional openings, one reason wages have remained so flat.

While the Flower City suffered through a long period of population and income decline following the collapse of Kodak, new companies have made their home in and around the city limits recently. In July, Vice President Joe Biden and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Rochester would become the new national hub for photonics, a major coup for the city. And on Wednesday, November 4, the Rochester Business Alliance Inc. and KPMG LLP joined together to celebrate 100 more local success stories.

This year, more than 1,800 local business and political leaders gathered to celebrate the new Top 100. Mirror Show Management Inc., a trade show marketing company in Webster, earned the top spot. The 22-year-old company participates in more than 1,100 trade shows every year. Donna Shultz is the President and CEO of Mirror Show Management, and she says the company is thriving because it was an early adopter of new technology. That, and good old fashioned customer service.

“I’m so overwhelmed,” Shultz said. “It’s so awesome and it’s not just about me; my team is so proud. They’re just an amazing group of people. I love this event; some years you make it, some [years] you can’t make it but we really strive for it and when we hit it we come and celebrate.”

Earlier this year, 208 local companies applied for the Top 100 list. To make the cut, companies must be independent, based in Rochester or the Finger Lakes, and have generated at least $1 million in revenue in the past three fiscal years. In total, the 100 firms brought in a combined $12.6 billion during the last fiscal year.

“I think today really defines the success that we’re lucky to have here in the Rochester and Finger Lakes region,” said Robert Duffy, President and CEO of Rochester Business Alliance. “There are no losers [today]; there are all winners. You epitomize success, you epitomize hard work, perseverance, leadership and really what you’ve done is make this economy just hum.”