According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring will come early this year. After a remarkably mild winter so far, there are many Rochesterians who probably can’t believe their luck so far. Perhaps the people who are most happy to hear this news, though, are the Realtors who make a living selling homes in and around the city.


According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester-area Realtors are more than a little excited at the prospects of finishing out the winter season with the onset of an early spring. For them, this can have a big affect on their bottom-line.


“We’ve been busy,” said Karen Leonardi, vice president at Nothnagle Realtors. She noted that the warm weather has helped with open houses as well as actual offers on houses.


About 45 million people move each year, on average, but in the Northeast, the process is usually limited to the spring, summer, and early fall seasons for convenience and practicality. The effects of the weather this year aren’t just limited to encouraging people to get out and look during a time that’s usually reserved for holing up in a warm blanket by the fireplace as the snow comes barreling down with no signs of stopping.


Theresa Downham is another one of Nothnagle’s Realtors. She’s been working on selling a $155,000 home in Greece and has been able to speed up the process by being able to get necessary work done on the house that otherwise would have typically been put off until the spring and nicer weather.


Leonardi also had some advice to help potential sellers take advantage of the extended opportunity for this year’s housing market. For example, she said, sellers should make sure the first impression is a good one. That means little things like sweeping off the front porch and trimming bushes and trees can go a long way to a home’s overall appeal.


Another suggestion is to do all the minor repairs a home may need before sellers start inviting people in to have a look. Leaky faucets, paint touch-ups, and other minor cosmetic enhancements don’t take much time or effort and will help Realtors do their job easier. Of course, the way the market’s going this year, they may not really need it.