About Us


ROC IT Out proudly provides a variety of computer and IT related services to small businesses and individuals throughout the greater Rochester area.

ROC IT Out was officially incorporated in 2012 after spending over a decade honing our skills at a variety of private and publicly traded companies. During this time we helped a steady stream of friends and family with their personal and small business computer needs. What started as telling people which computer they should buy, removing viruses, and putting up a quick website grew into a passion. As we operated in our official professional capacities we became frustrated watching how companies we came across operated. Sure, many were honest companies with some really good people working for them. By and large though we just felt like the personal touch was being lost. We’re fond of the saying that “people do business with people” – and we keep this in mind every day. We’re people that want to understand you first – we’ll apply the technology later.

That bring us to why we founded the company. Our friends and family were referring us to their friends and family that were asking for help. They implored us to put ourselves out there and take care of others in Rochester like we’ve taken care of them. There are lots of people out there just like you that have a list of “computer stuff” they need help with and they need a local friend to tackle that list with them.

So when you’re ready to get rolling, get a hold of us, and ask us to ROC IT Out!