What is ROC IT Out?


ROC IT Out provides a variety of computer and IT related services to small businesses and individuals throughout Rochester.

What is ROC IT Out? Well, for one, it’s a clever play on words.

  • ROC: It’s the airport code for our fair city, but it’s also pronounced rock… as in hey, let’s rock through this list of IT tasks
  • IT: Well, that seems simple… it’s the word IT, isn’t it? True enough – but it’s also an ancroym for information technology… or “computer stuff”
  • Out: OK, you got us here. It’s just the word out.

Beyond the clever play on words, it’s the crux of our promise to our customers. We’re going to take that computer task list you have in front of you, and we’re going to ROC IT Out.

We’re a bunch of local IT and online marketing professionals with a passion for helping individuals and small business owners within the Rochester community with whatever computer questions, problems, or challenges face them. We don’t force you into cookie cutter solutions and we don’t let you twist in the wind. We put our name and reputation on everything we do – and we take that very seriously.