Business Services

We provide services to small business owners in Rochester, NY

ROC IT Out provides custom solutions to small business owners throughout Rochester, NY. We are not a national conglomerate shoehorning you into off the shelf solutions.

When you decided to go into business for yourself, you probably did it to capitalize on your skills and passion for your chosen business. You certainly didn’t do it because you were eager to deal with the challenges of buying and setting up your computers and network, getting a website, wading through the “offers” promising to get you to the top of Google search results, or to spend hours trying to figure out why and how you should be marketing your business using social media.

At ROC IT Out, that’s exactly why we got into the business. That’s where our passion is. We’re a team of local experts who witnessed small business owners within our own circle of friends being stonewalled by these very issues. Let us bring our experience and passion to you. We’ll sit down with you in person, understand exactly what you want to accomplish, and devise a cost effective solution that meets your needs – not one the one that happens to be what we’re selling that day. We understand your businesses reputation is everything, and it’s on the line every time your name is on something. We understand that, because it’s the same way for us – and we operate our business accordingly.

Let us help you with:

The bottom line is that if it’s not something we can handle for you, we still want you to contact us. Our primary mission is to make sure you get what you need – and we’re happy to rely on our own personal network of connections within the local community to make sure that you’re taken care of. None of our referrals are commission based, if we can’t help you we make sure you get to someone who can – not to someone that’s willing to pay us.