Computer Support & Security

As a small business owner you don’t have unlimited funds to dump into computers, printers, and the like. Of course, they’re necessary to run your business effectively – but you just want to not spend a ton of money on them. Above all, you need them to work when and how you need them. We understand this – and we want to help.

Computer Setup

We provide services to small business owners in Rochester, NY

Let us setup your systems in a way that matches your needs.

ROC IT Out wants to make sure your business has what it needs to run effectively. Here are the types of setup things you might be thinking about, but didn’t know someone could help with:

Computer Security

Computer Security

ROC IT Out can secure your systems - or remove problems if they arise.

Computers are supposed to make our lives easier – except for when they don’t. It’s easy to pick up a virus, spyware or the like – even if you thought you were protected. ROC IT Out has handled this situation thousands of times. We focus on computer security from three distinct, yet tightly related aspects:

  • Prevention – the best way to secure yourself is with a program of preventative measures. This means properly installed and configured anti-virus programs, regularly scheduled automated scans and file backups, and potentially other custom solutions based on your business and needs.
  • Recovery – maybe you’ve run into a problem, despite your best preventative measures. If you’ve got a virus, a computer that won’t start, a slow machine, or other issues ROC IT Out can help.
  • Maintenance – setting up a good prevention program is an excellent first step. It is valuable to also perform routine maintenance as well. This involves cleaning out old files, updating software, and verifying your system is performing at its best.

At ROC IT Out our goal is to make sure you get help with these types of questions. Some of these things we don’t even make any money on. Our philosophy is to do develop a relationship with you and make sure we provide the support you need. We believe in building a relationship and guiding you through these seemingly mundane questions even if others aren’t interested in helping with because they’re not particularly profitable.