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We design custom website solutions that are good looking, effective, and easy to use.

At ROC IT Out we understand what it takes to make effective, aesthetically pleasing websites. Your site needs to do a few things:

  • Inform current and prospective customers about what you do
  • Reflect the personality of your business
  • Get found in search engines and listing services

Beyond that, there are a few other things you might not be aware of that are vitally important before you invest in a website:

  • Make sure you own your site. This means you own the domain and the site itself. If you decide not to stay with your current provider, you should be able to freely transfer your entire site and it’s content. At ROC IT Out, you own everything and can move anything at any time. If you’re using a site builder like Website Tonight by GoDaddy or something similar – you’ll have to start over with a new site if you ever decide to leave GoDaddy.
  • Make sure you can update your site, or at least that you know what it’s going to take to do it. At ROC IT Out, we give you the ability to easily update your own site without having to call us. You also have the option to  have us do it for you, but since we built it to be easy to update, it won’t cost you much every time you want to change something. Many firms will charge a minimum fee in excess of $250 to do something simple like swap out a picture. That’s insane.
  • Make sure you know how your site is performing and how to adjust to the results. Putting a site up is an important first step. ROC IT Out believes to truly maximize your investment you need to know how your site is doing and adjust accordingly. We provide regular monthly summary reports as a part of every site. We can tell you what they mean and what (if anything) you should consider doing differently.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Unsure how to effectively use social media for your business? That's OK - we can show you!

As a business owner, you probably know that you need to be on Facebook or Twitter, but you don’t know why, how to do it, or what to post. We’ll explain to you exactly what benefit you can expect and how to participate effectively. In addition, we can customize your Twitter page and Facebook wall to give your business the most professional appearance possible. Users are significantly more likely to engage and contact you if they see you’ve taken the time to do this.


You might think that as a business owner you don’t have the time to blog. You might even think you don’t have anything interesting to talk about. Neither is true! Posting a single blog entry every week takes less than five minutes and can send your website traffic through the roof! All you need is a blog that’s setup the right way and some tips on how to quickly create effective posts.