Home Network Setup

Networked Home Office

Even if your home office area doesn't need to look like this, you might still need us!

In some respects, home networking has gotten simpler over the years. A lot of equipment makers are making stuff that can pretty much be plugged in and used.

Then again, it’s also gotten exponentially more complicated. With multiple computers in your house, printers, backup drives, iPads and other tablets, printers, iPods, security cameras, video game systems, televisions, and even picture frames all connecting to your network, it can get overwhelming.

We know exactly how you feel. You have all this great technology in the house and you just want it to work. You don’t know why it’s not working or which manufacturer to call (only to be told it’s not their thing of course) – and quite frankly, you probably don’t care. It doesn’t really matter to you what your IP Address is or which type of wireless security is enabled on your router.You just want someone to make it all work! That’s where we come in.

When you contact ROC IT Out we’re probably going to ask you a lot more questions about what you want all your stuff to do and less about what stuff you have. Then we’re going to come in and make it all work – just like we have for hundreds of other  family, friends, and clients.